Archana’s 100% Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions

Archana Hair Extensions are premium quality Remy Grade AAAAA 100% human hair, tangle free, silky, soft and smooth. With the great research around the globe we found Indian Hair is of the best quality hair found in the market with superior strong texture.

Archana Hair Extensions are here for anyone looking for a highest quality Hair Extensions at a very competitive price and a great customer service.

How Archana Hair Extensions Hair is processed
We are stockist of 100% Remy Indian Hair in I-Tips, U-Tips, Weft and clip in Hair Extensions as follows.

I-Tips 0.8g 100pcs pack Double Drawn
I-Tips 0.8g 100pcs pack Single Drawn
I-Tips 0.5g 25pcs pack Single Drawn
U-Tips 0.8g 100pcs pack Double Drawn
U-Tips 0.8g 100pcs pack Single Drawn
Weft 120g Double Drawn
Weft 120g Single Drawn
Clip In Hair Extensions (8 pieces pack)

What is Double Drawn?

Double drawn is comprised exclusively of hair that is the exact same length. The process required to create double drawn hair is quite expansive and upwards of 10lbs of hair is required to create a single pound of 18″ hair. The actual process to make this type of hair requires it to be double processed in order to craft the shorter length.

The process is also a painstaking one. Double Drawn hair undergoes a second process of selection, making it more superior. Shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine, and can take quite a long time to arrive at a finished product. This certainly has a major impact on the price of the double drawn hair and the expensive cost clearly reflects this high cost. Many will be more than willing to pay the higher price. Customers are guaranteed with a healthier-looking hair with solid length until the end with Double Drawn Hair.

What is Single Drawn?

All human hair grows in cycles, while some are growing, some are dormant. This is the reason there are so many lengths in a single drawn ponytail.

Single drawn hair is commonly sold in the range of 16” to 22” in length, however it is also possible to find single drawn hair that is in the range 10”,12”,14” in length. This type of hair is uneven hence this is why they are called single drawn.



If you would like to receive a FREE sample of our 2 strands of hair, one Double Drawn and one Single Drawn, please email us your business name and full postal address at [email protected]
(Please note specific colour or tip is not provided)